We offer a range of services in Housing such as;

  • Disrepair
  • Possession
  • Homelessness and suitability reviews
  • Nuisance

We do not offer services under the Legal Aid as a result can only assist or represent private paying clients.

Our charges are based on hourly rate, the rates as stated below:

  • Senior Solicitors charge £300 per hour and VAT on top of the total invoice
  • Solicitors with experience of 3 years and below £250 per hour and VAT on top of the total invoice
  • Caseworkers charge £200 per hour and VAT on top of the total invoice.

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Experience and Qualification

At Atanda Solicitors we have a dedicated team of Employment Law Solicitors with experience of 14 years on the job. Employees now have rights and entitlements that must be respected by the employer. Should you have complaints about your work situation, please contact us for advice and legal assistance.

We have experienced and dedicated Solicitors and Caseworkers to represent clients at Employment tribunals.

 The areas of Employment Law that can assist you with are:


  • Employment Contracts
  • Express terms and Implied terms
  • Dismissal such as wrongful, unfair and Unfair dismissal including Redundancies.
  • Workplace discrimination such as Racial and Sex discrimination.
  • TUPE
  • Health safety rules and
  • Compromise Agreements


Fees and Funding

We do offer Legal Aid in Employment matter and our charges are based on hourly rate and the rates are as follows: 

  • Senior Solicitors at £350.00 an hour and additionally VAT at 20%
  • Solicitors with three years and below is £290.00 an hour and additionally VAT at 20%
  • Case workers charge is £200 an hour and additionally VAT at 20%.
  • Representation at Court/Tribunal is £750 a day and in addition a VAT at the rate of 20% on top of the amount charged is to be paid.
  • The VAT charged are taxes paid on top of our professional costs.



Disbursements are costs related to payments to the third parties, such as Court fees and instructions of an Expert witness. We handle the payment of the disbursements on clients’ behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Key stages 

A claimant has three months less one day from the act complained about to speak to ACAS and then starts an employment tribunal process. In case of Redundancy and Equal pay claims, a claimant has six months less a day.

The grievance procedure does not affect these time scales and judges have only limited discretion to extend the time limit.

You need to have two years continuous employment for some claims and from start to finish, an employment tribunal claim could take several months, or a year or longer.

Please contact us on 0207 231 3060 to discuss this further.