At Atanda Solicitors, we provide legal advice and representation on wide range of matters such as:




  •  Residence Permit Application
  •  Work Permit
  •  HSMP Application
  •  Representation at Immigration Tribunal/Appellate Hearings.

  Criminal matters including

  • Police station attendance,
  •  Court Appearance and representation (Assault, Bail Return, Driving offences, Homicide)
  •  Fraud
  •  Court Appearance both at Magistrates and Higher Courts.

    Housing, Employment and Civil Litigation.

   Family and Matrimonial matters including

  •  Divorce Petition
  •  Children matters
  •  Ancillary Relief after Divorce
  •  Financial provision and property during marriage
  •  Occupation orders and Non -Molestation order
  •  Court Appearance and Representation.



  •  We have highly skilled and experienced Advocates/Counsel in-house both for the Magistrates Courts and Higher Courts.